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I’ve been taking care of furry and feathered friends for my entire life — over 45 years. In fact, one of my first jobs was to care for a stable with more than 60 horses. There I learned to manage all kinds of large and small animal situations. For the last 18 years, I’ve run my own professional (bonded and insured) pet sitting service here in the Columbus-Tryon-Landrum area.

The world has changed a lot since I started Love Your Critter (I started pet sitting before texting!), but the requirements of great care have remained the same. Leaving a beloved pet is hard on you, and can be harder on them. Maintaining your pet’s routines and meeting their expectations are some of the most important things Love Your Critter does to ease their anxiety, and yours.

My top priority is making sure that pet owners feel comfortable and worry less while they’re away from their animals.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been caring for one kind of pet or another. My first word was “horse,” and starting at age 5, I was lucky enough to have my own to look after.

I’ve been caring for animals professionally for almost two decades. After spending several years at a veterinary clinic, I transitioned to shelter work and I’ve held several kinds of roles at animal shelters in both Florida and North Carolina, including spending 13 years as a veterinary technician at the Foothills Humane Society. I joined Love Your Critter earlier this year in addition to working as a veterinary technician at a local vet.

Along with my experience caring for a wide variety of farm animals and household pets, I bring years of specialized experience handling frightened and anxious animals as well as animals with complex health needs, illnesses, and injuries. My priority is that you feel confident in the care your pet will receive while you’re away.


I have been pet sitting with my mom Suelin since before I was born, and she has always told me that I am a natural. 

I’ve never met an animal I didn’t love — whether its my own dogs, chickens, or horses, the dogs and cats and farm animals that I’ve grown up pet-sitting, hurt animals that I’ve rescued and rehabilitated, or wild snakes that my mom asks me to remove from our chicken coop and relocate back into the woods. Since turning 18, I have begun to do pet-sitting visits on my own, and I work with my mom during busy times. I love spending time with our clients’ household pets, farm animals, and especially reptiles. 

I care for my own chickens and bees, as well as four family dogs, and I aim to treat each of the pets I care for like my own.   




I love pet-sitting with my mom, Suelin. I especially love the part where I get to RUN with other dogs. My mom can throw the ball, but she’s not very fast at games of tag. I’m so much better.

I get along with dogs of all sizes and types. In fact, my older brother is a 10 lb. Pomeranian, so I know how to play safely with really little dogs. I also know when the game is over, and I will stop and be a couch potato if all the other dogs get tired and don’t want to play anymore.

My absolute favorite thing to do is to run around with other dogs. I’m available to accompany my mom if you have a dog that would like to PLAY during her visit.


What Drives Us

Making Pet Owners Happy

After each of their visits, I received a text of how things went and a picture of my babies. I was so relieved for my pets to have had such great care. I never once worried. I felt so comfortable having them in our home. I will absolutely use their services again. I can’t thank them enough for the great care they gave my kids while we were away! It allowed us to enjoy our time away and not worry about our pets.!”  — Tanya H.